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The Journey Begins...

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Working the two big Northeast fishing shows we hear a fair number of questions about using our rod holders in various ways we never anticipated.

Canoes? Sure.  Not too surprising.

Float Tubes?  Check.

ATV's?  Bicycles?  Segway's?  

Yep, those too.

But over time the one thing that we never anticipated was such a huge calling for kayaks.  It seemed like as the number of kayak fly fishermen grew, the industry lagged behind in nearly everything except for the actual kayaks.  

And year after year we heard the same question:

"Do you have anything for kayaks?"

A few years ago we hunkered down and came up with a solution; our standard rod holder design with a pivoting mount. It was secure, versatile and would work in a myriad of situations on nearly any kayak we had looked at.

Somewhere along the way Cory Routh got in touch with us to provide some rod holders for his competition kayak and we were happy to oblige in exchange for some pictures of his setup.

What we saw was, for us, that pivotal moment where we "got" what our customers were coming from and what they were asking about.

It wasn't about providing a "One Size Fits All" solution for fishing from kayaks.  It wasn't about a generic solution which will work in every scenario on every single kayak.  It wasn't about swivel mounting and angling and RAM hardware.

It was about determining how the kayak fisherman feels comfortable on the water, how they get around on their kayak, what they can get to within an arms length, what won't fail under pressure and how each kayak is laid out to accommodate or limit.

And that's where this all starts.  To understand the needs of the community we needed to be a part of it, an active member experiencing the same things that those who approach us during shows and other public events have been through and continue to.

So here we are....our journey begins!